Tuesday, 8 September 2015

One Last Adventure

September has inevitably dawned upon us, bringing a conclusion to the summer days that seemed to be as equally nonchalant yet fleeting. Simultaneously however, this has catalysed the beginning to a re-energised perspective, causing a surge of internal warmth to erupt and soar within.

With this bittersweet notion in mind, my brother and I decided to have one last whimsical adventure, in an attempt to close the chapter of ‘Summer 2015’ on a momentous note.


The smiling sun transcended above the charming ambience of our neighbourhood and danced in glee across our skin. We passed familiar houses until we were greeted with the glorious aroma of food; eyes glinting, stomachs insatiable.

Fish and chips in hand, we took a turn fuelled by curiosity into the unknown streets of our town. Venturing through the winding roads, we admired the beautiful homes of strangers as thoughts were exchanged about anything and everything.

The golden haze of the setting sun ignited our hearts as Never Get You Right by Brandon Flowers replayed in our heads, causing me to feel momentarily transported to an adolescent dream that I was hesitant to wake up from.

With our stomachs satisfied, we managed to work our way back and find ourselves amongst familiarity once again. The finality of the last three and a half months may have materialised, but I’m certain that the heart-warming memories and the self-discovering lessons will last an eternity.


I hope that you found this post interesting and that you all had an incredible summer filled with growth and a revived ambition for the next academic year.

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{Photo source: Nabsticle}

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