Monday, 10 August 2015

London 2015

Everyone around me faded into a drunken blur as I smiled at the sheer wonder and surge of curiosity that the capital city had permeated into my veins. I consumed the various flavours of exotic food, captured the scents of rushing people and admired the beautiful architecture that surrounded me.

Three days, two people, one city; here are the most memorable moments.

- Checking into the hotel on our own was a new experience and it felt like we had finally made the transition into adulthood. That was until we couldn’t actually unlock the door to our room and had to get the kind lady staying in the room next door to show us how it’s done…

- Feeling the surge of warm air glide across my skin as the tubes passed by in the underground tunnels. It’s such a small thing but that sudden rush epitomised that feeling that travelling gives you; that feeling of constantly being blown away by everything that you see.

- Hearing various different languages and accents from all over the world really heightened the concept of diversity and filled me with so much joy to see that so many cultures were being united in this one city.

- As we were lost in the backstreets of London trying to find Brick Lane, my brother happened to trip over, almost face-plant the floor and to top it all off, dropped his phone. I luckily managed to capture the aftermath on video and couldn’t stop laughing for a good five minutes.

- Exploring the vintage shop ‘Blitz’ and admiring the unique pieces and beautiful d├ęcor. The entire shop was such a magical place and I’ll definitely remember it with fond memories whenever I wear the gorgeous top I bought from there.

- Setting eyes on the colourful houses in Notting Hill for the first time and being completely mesmerised by the quaint shops on Portobello Road. All the while I imagined myself sitting on one of the balconies and filling my notebook with afternoon musings as I watch the crowds of people perusing the stalls below.

- Visiting the Sherlock Museum on Baker Street and wearing the detective’s renowned hat was something that I’ll never forget. Browsing the various ornaments and small treasures was a lot of fun and further enhanced my love for the series.

- Reminiscing my childhood as we walked through King’s Cross Station and wishing that platform nine and three quarters really did exist. Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood so to get the chance to go to where some of the scenes were filmed was incredible.

- Walking up the stairs out of King’s Cross Station to find Big Ben staring back at us, chiming as if to remind us of its existence, standing tall like a ruler watching over his kingdom. With just over an hour and a half before the tube strike, I sat down to breathe it all in as the crowds rolled by, continuing on their way.

- The cool breeze blessing my cheeks as we took a pleasant stroll around Westminster, laughing at the crazy amount of runners and cyclists as well as taking advantage of any place to sit due to my feet aching from walking around all day.

- Since we were so exhausted we decided to take a break and sit down at a bus stop for a while. Despite it being something quite boring and uneventful, there was plenty of laughter and I just really enjoyed being in my brother’s company.

- Sitting in bed drinking cup-a-soups whilst looking back at the photos and videos that we'd taken that day. It was really relaxing and exactly what I needed after such a tiring day.

- Pulling out our Oyster cards as we stepped onto a bus only to find that it was free due to the tube strike. The bus was packed but the atmosphere was wonderful and everyone seemed to notice one another, whereas before people wouldn't even look twice.

- Tasting the delicious street food and enjoying the refreshing smoothies at Borough Market. The entire place was buzzing and the central seating place was surrounded by beautiful nature; the perfect place to explore on a sunny afternoon.

- Finding a huge chalkboard at Borough Market with ‘Before I die I want to…’ written on it, allowing people to write down what they wish to do before death finally takes them. It was lovely to read about people’s dreams, no matter how crazy they were, and really added a wonderful touch to the place.

The trip was a lovely end to a great summer however, stepping back into my home city filled me with so much pride and gratitude, making me realise that to live where I live really is a blessing. Nevertheless, London has taught me a lot and I’m so thankful that I got the chance to go.

{All photos belong to my brother and I, if you'd like to use any please give credit!}


  1. I love the "Before You Die" walls by Candy Chang, actually, I love all her projects - but that's a story for another day. It's so interesting to read other peoples thoughts on London, as, although I visit London occasionally, I reaaaallly don't like it. You have some really lovely memories, the busses are pretty cool I must admit (I don't like the tube). You also managed to fit a lot in in such a short amount of time, last time I was in London I cozied up in a pub in Tower Hamlets while the boyfriend was at a zine fair!

    Erin | cd

    1. I had no idea who it was by, I'll definitely check out her other stuff! Actually you're not alone there, there were a lot of things about this trip that I didn't like and I for sure can't see myself possibly living there. I purposely wanted to only highlight the great moments in a way to push out the negative stuff and only focus on the good in the trip. I don't mind the tube that much actually, but I can understand why people don't. I can't believe I managed it considering I can't stand being around so many people in such a small space. Haha, sometimes chilling in a pub is much better than trying to rush around and weave through the crowds ;) A zine fair would be so cool, which one was it? We were actually hoping to do a lot more but with the tube strike it just made it a lot harder! Thanks so much for reading Erin!!

      Nabeela :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, glad you liked it!

      Nabeela :)

  3. Wonderful thoughts and experiences, in the beautiful city. Great photos. Greetings!

    1. Thank you lovely, so glad you liked it!

      Nabeela :)

  4. i really really love this, makes me want to see london in a more positive way - glad you had a lovely time! x

    1. It makes me really happy that it's made you see London in a more positive light! Thank you Ellie, you're so sweet!

      Nabeela xx