Sunday, 12 July 2015

Reality Vs Curiosity

Does your head ever start spinning when you gaze up at the sky, like you’re in a drunken haze of complex thoughts as you drown in a whirlpool of unanswerable questions? Your mind starts to wander like the oddly shaped clouds above, unintentionally drifting into various dimensions that momentarily transitions your reality into curiosity. What really is out there? Will we ever know? You start building an image of the world you think we live in, the world you want to live in.

It’s a big place, so big that it becomes frustrating when we realise that we’re never going to know all of the answers to our eternal list of questions. We’re never going to be able to truly know each person whose path we cross or fully immerse ourselves into other cities and cultures. And it’s daunting because it consumes us to the point where we start raising existential questions about who we are and our purpose in this life.

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Whoever said that ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ was lying, because it’s the unknown that scares us, especially since we love to always be in control. But does that make the world any less beautiful? Instead of knowing the answers, maybe we should try harder to understand the questions and what they really mean to us personally?

There are two types of people in this world; the scientists who believe in logic and facts and the creatives who believe in curiosity and imagination. It really is a blessing if you have the ability to believe and understand both. To be curious enough to question facts but intelligent enough to know your limits and the harsh reality that surrounds us.

It’s important for our minds to wander and to remember that the world really is a beautiful miracle. But it’s just as pivotal to stay grounded and logical, for assurance as well as our own sanity. And even though the reality is that we’ll never have all of the answers, our minds can fill in the gaps for us, and that’s good enough for me.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that there should be an equal balance between reality and curiosity?


  1. I always used to say that I wasn't a realist, I was a surrealist. I think, that at times, I find ways to combine logic and imagination, to find some proof that what I dream could be real. Thats what upsets me the most at times, though, is that we can never really know each other because we cannot open up minds and explore inside. Sometimes, too, thinking about this all too much is a dark road that I've travelled more than once.
    Beautiful post :)

    Erin at comadiary

    1. Wow you have a really abstract way of looking at things which I think is great. I think we all have a bit of both logic and imagination within us, though one is usually heavier than the other. I completely agree, the human mind is so interesting yet we're always left guessing as to what people really think about. But then again I think that's a good thing otherwise no one will try to work people out and really get to know them. I guess we'd be living in a pretty boring world if we knew everything about each other. This all got a little too deep didn't it aha! Thanks so much for the lovely comment and for following me too, I followed you back, your blog is amazing and so well written!!

      -Nabeela :)