Friday, 12 June 2015

Love is a Polaroid

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Every polaroid has its own story, something that's impossible to replicate without eradicating its original meaning. A polaroid is between two people, the photographer and its object, both holding a connection, a bond, an understanding.

A polaroid can come out right or it can come out wrong, it can look perfect or it can look blurred. But that doesn't matter because it's the moment that counts, that spark between two passionate humans. And soon that blurred mess transforms into something utterly beautiful. It's kept in photo albums as little sweet reminders, or hung as nostalgic memories, like pretty fairy lights.

A polaroid is transparent, no lies, only truth. It's ,the reason they have come back into fashion, because raw love was in desperate need of reviving. It represents something more than just the simplicity of love. It allows us to resurrect every emotion that our souls have ever felt. The raw and intricate details, the intimacy of our very existence.

Some see it as a waste of time, a novelty that smudges and fades like the moment in which it was captured. Yet some, those who crave adventure, who chase dreams, who fight for love, see a polaroid as something so much more. They find joy in that feeling they felt as they took it, fingers trembling and buzzing with electricity to catch the perfect moment in time, in the hope that it would last an eternity.


I'm no expert on love but one thing’s for sure, love is a polaroid; beautiful, authentic and unpredictable. And as long as it exists, cherish it, because just like a polaroid, you only get a moment before it's gone.

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