Sunday, 8 March 2015

My Dream is to Live by the Sea

My dream is to live by the sea. An authentic town where the community buzzes with conversation whilst the sound of the waves sing in sync. A small cottage would be ideal, a place to call my sanctuary, a place to call my home. A town where I can spend countless hours browsing the little quaint shops smelling of worn books and dusty ornaments. Where I can find a corner of a cafĂ© to sip hot tea and decipher the hidden meanings laced in the classic that I would purchase for 60p earlier in the day. I’d take daily strolls along the beach and feel the warm sand dancing in between my toes as the tide reaches for me, then flees back to its home.

I’d then make my way back. Consuming the people around me and taking care to listen to snippets of conversation. Piecing them together and creating my own little fantasy world, one where I make up the rules. The sweet laughter of children travelling through the air. Teenagers smiling, their eyes glistening with hopes and dreams of a promising future, no barriers holding them back.

I’d sit on my wooden porch, feeling the salty breeze whistle through my hair, as I place pen to paper and fill the pages of my notebook with pretty doodles and incoherent thoughts. I’d glance up once in a while, to breathe in Mother Nature, and I’d smile.

The immensity of the sea would enthral me. The frightening feeling of the unknown would be daunting but it’ll be the source of my power and my energy. The beauty of the sea is its lack of limitation, of always having a goal to work towards, of invincibility. There’s no end and no beginning to the wide ocean, and that sense of adventure to explore where the horizon meets the sea is what my heart craves. The idea that the end is so distant therefore the arising of motivation to reach that destination growing even stronger.

I’d start to hear the rhythmic beating of rain and feel the drizzle of icy raindrops upon my skin. I’d take a deep breath and inhale its beauty once more before taking shelter inside my home. Its charm accompanying me wherever I go, an immortal reminder that a fulfilling life is only moments away, as long as I choose to embrace it. The lingering clouds above hovering like spaceships as I’d watch from safety, perched upon the window ledge where the picturesque landscape lies before me like a dream, my dream.


  1. What a gorgeous dream! It is funny because I do not like beach vacations. I much prefer the mountains. But after reading Jacob Have I Loved (Katherine Patterson), I became obsessed with the idea of someday living by the sea. There is just something unbeatably charming about the idea.

    1. Yeah I completely agree, there's just something about it that radiates freedom. I live in the city so I don't get much experience with mountainous areas sadly :( Thank you so much for reading!
      -Nabeela :)

  2. Delightful post! I live by the sea but unfortunately it is not even near to what you described :(

    1. Aw really? I guess because this post was based purely on imagination I don't know what seaside towns are really like :( Still, a girl can dream, right? :P Thank you so much for reading!

      Nabeela :)