Thursday, 18 December 2014

Making the Small Things the Big Things

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  • At 8am in the morning I felt the wind bite my flushed cheeks as I trudged my way to the coach stop. I shoved my purple earphones in and started playing anything that won’t make me doze off the moment I’m seated. We rattled our way through the winding roads as I tried my hardest to avoid eye contact with fellow humans. I stared out of the window and glared at my reflection, cursing myself for not waking up early to look at least half decent. An orange glow caught the corner of my eye so I turned my head slightly to discover the most beautiful sunrise. Ignoring the run down car park below, trying my hardest to feel its presence through the tall trees, it shone over me. As we drove down the hill it began to hide, as if sheepishly avoiding my curiosity to not give away all of its beauty. And I sat there, turned to the stranger next to me, and smiled. What a wonderful thing to see before starting the day.

  • Parents wandered in, cups of tea and mince pies in hand, and plopped themselves into the nearest seat they could find. The deputy head teacher hushed the audience who waited in anticipation. The annual Christmas production that my sister’s primary school always held was about to begin. The lines of children walked in and the entire hall lit up with their creative and colourful costumes. And there she was. My four year old sister waddled into the hall in her snowman costume (basically an Olaf onesie) and spun around frantically trying to find me and my parents amongst the seats. She finally spotted us and did a little excited jiggle. Her grin made me realise that us being there meant the world to her.

  • Large, beefy, bald and ginger; there’s no better way to describe the security guard that I always see at the end of the day in between the sea of teenagers pushing their way through to find their coach. He deals with all sorts of people including the moody, hyper and even the crazy. I sympathise with him, I really do. But as I was barging past (and most probably knocking some poor person in the face with my bag) I came across the seemingly scary security guard. And you know what he did? He smiled. It was late, everyone was tired, there was a massive rush of people, but he smiled. It’s safe to say that this small act of kindness made my day.

From now on I’ve decided to not ignore the small things and in fact, make them the big things. Because quite frankly, they are. If something so small can make your day, or change your outlook to a more positive one then shouldn’t they be given the credit they deserve? I believe that all these small things add together to form your personal attitude towards the world, so make it a good one.


  1. I definitely think this is the case, the little things which make everyday special is what it is all about, rather than waiting for huge big events to happen! I did 100 happy days where you take a picture of something which made you happy everyday, and most days it was something little such as the sunshine or a flower, or a can of diet coke in my case but it just makes you that bit more grateful :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes exactly! I completely agree, I think a lot of people forget about the little things and only look for the bigger moments in life when in fact I think it's the little things that truly make it all worthwhile. It's nice to step back and notice them sometimes. Thanks for reading lovely!!
      I had a skim of your blog and I noticed in your 10 Happy Things #2 that you mentioned Serial and oh my gosh I'm obsessed! It's so well written and so interesting isn't it?!
      -Nabeela xo