Monday, 27 October 2014

My Blogging Journey

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It was Saturday night, I was lying in bed (because that’s my idea of a wild Saturday night…) and all of a sudden an uplifting feeling of joy, gratitude and blessedness swept over my body and it was as if everything was perfect in the world. It was one of those ‘my life is amazing and I feel so blessed’ kind of moments.

For this I have blogging to thank. This special sense of euphoria brought tears to my eyes as I realised how lucky I really am. The opportunities and feeling of unity that has come from starting a blog is unbelievable. It was the best decision I ever made.

Let’s start from the beginning. Mid February of 2014 I took the nerve-wracking leap of creating this little space on the internet. Just an outlet. A creation to call my own and share my thoughts and musings of the rollercoaster I call life. Eight or so months later and boy am I proud of myself.

So what has blogging taught me?

       How large the blogging community is. Before blogging I had no idea what Bloglovin’ was and how many people actually owned a blog. Seeing people follow their dreams and contain so much passion is truly inspiring. I mean why wouldn’t you want to consume yourself with generous people with sky-high ambitions?

      - I’ve grown as a person and I’ve benefitted in the most incredible of ways. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. I’ve opened up to strangers. And you know what? That’s all I could ever ask for.

      - I feel like I’ve embedded myself into this whole other world. I’m like a jigsaw piece that has finally clicked with the rest and I’ve finally found my place as if this is where I’ve always belonged. This is my creation and I couldn’t be more proud.

I recently lost all of my followers which was a setback but I know that every setback is a lesson to be learnt. I’ve shocked myself by carrying on for so long but who would’ve thought that a blog could bring so much elation and hope?

I’ve discovered the most wonderful blogs created by the most talented people I’ve ever known. They are what make this community so beautiful. I couldn’t put everyone’s down but here are just a few that I adore. They’ve inspired me in more ways than they will ever realise so I wanted to thank them and give something back.

I’ve raved about this fantastically creative blog before but I can’t help but fall in love with every post. Katie has improved my own writing without even realising and motivated me to live each day more remarkably than the last. Her words matter and I just hope one day my writing could be nearly as profound as hers.

Sylwia is so lovely and has always got something meaningful to say. There’s a real sense of honesty that emanates from the words she writes. She really deserves more credence for her blog as her personality really shines through which is sometimes a rarity with many blogs out there.

Where should I begin? Lauryn has such a mature and unique writing style. I remember reading one of her brilliant posts for the first time and feeling mesmerized. So captivating and beautiful; I can’t rave about her blog enough. Her wise and thoughtful words accompanied with her lovely personality really makes her blog something special.

Before this becomes an essay I’ll round off this post with a huge thank you and a heart-warming computer hug. You guys are the best. I feel like this exhilarating hobby of mine is only going to improve as the days tick by and I’m so glad that I ventured out on this exceptional journey.

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