Thursday, 14 August 2014

Entry for Bethan’s Writing Challenge

Firstly I would just like to congratulate Bethan from Think.Read.Write.Dream. for reaching 50 well-deserved followers, this is a great achievement - well done! As soon as I heard about this writing challenge I was buzzing to enter and to read everyone else’s amazing pieces of work.

For a while I was stuck on what to write about but the other day there was a refreshing downpour of rain and it sparked some inspiration. I ended up spontaneously writing this at 1:30am so it’s pretty raw and fresh off the tip of my tongue.

Good Mourning

I watched as the heavy rain splashed across my window and drummed down whilst drowning the sound of the cars on the busy high street. The warmth it radiated as it possessed the earth was truly wonderful. A smile grew across my face as I continued to watch with intensity whilst reminiscing the past few weeks and how they scarred and burned deep cuts into the earth’s ground with temperatures sky high. We needed change for us to see clearly, for us to realise that the past should stay in the past and the change will in fact bring greatness.

The sun will emerge soon enough from the grey rainclouds floating high above but will never steal the rain’s beauty. The sun will always reappear as people move on with their lives but your beauty, just like the rain, will never be forgotten. You came and went at the right time and I thank you for the integrity, knowledge and patience you gave me. Numerous times I was tempted to run out the house and embrace it. To accept the fact that you’re gone and spread my arms and dance with the droplets in celebration of your time in this world.

As I sit by my window in the safety and warmth of my bedroom I think about you. The rain soon turns to a gradual halt and sure enough the sun sprouts and kisses my skin softly.  A rainbow emanates and lovingly smiles down on me, curved like arms delivering a strong hug. My final goodbye felt right and I only hope that you will return in times of need and rain down on me, encompassing me with your elegance and sparks of hope.

Thank you so much for reading and a huge thanks to Bethan for doing this awesome challenge! I highly recommend you check out her blog – I always look forward to her posts. I really enjoyed doing this and it would be great if you guys give it a go as well. Good luck to everyone who participated!

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x