Friday, 1 August 2014

Dear July // Mini Series #1

Hey everyone! This idea may be fantastic and really interesting or it may just be a complete failure but I’m willing to give it a go. For the next six months I’m planning on writing short pieces of creative writing addressed as a letter to each month. This will be a stream of thoughts and feelings of how the month went and will reflect on how good or bad it was.

I will be posting it at the end of each month until December. I really hope you like the idea and even try it yourself as it can be a lot of fun. I really hope I have come across well and this all makes sense aha! To start off with and to give you an idea of what I’m talking about here’s my first letter to the month of July.

Dear July,
A full thirty one days of ambiguity. You’re committed like it’s your job, persistent and determined to continue for the next thirty days with no consent or consideration. The thinking hurt the most; it was like a sharp burning pain constantly returning each night, taunting me to enter a brief period of insomnia as I silently screamed for you to stop. Entering and escaping my imploding head and imprinting scars with your pointy needles. You left me with no choice but to surrender, throw my hands in the air and wave a white flag in the hope you don’t have a return ticket.
The warm rays beamed down and kissed my skin softly, you had reached my expectations. Days spent sleeping, eating, crying and then to be repeated the following day like a never ending vicious cycle. July you seemed to have grabbed and tossed me around like an old rag doll, unable to be stitched at the seams. Why be so cruel and why leave me in fear of August? With children dying in Gaza and people’s humanity fading rapidly, is there really any hope left?
Despite the torture and heartache you have been good to me. The filming project was a huge success and I made lots of friends and broadened my knowledge. Most days were filled with relaxation and spending hours upon hours writing and reading and for that I am grateful.
As you come to an end and August steps in to take your place I realised that maybe it’s all part of a plan. That this is your way of making me stronger and better prepared for next time. So for that I forgive you July and I can only hope that next year will be even better.

Yours faithfully,

Thanks so much for reading! I really want to give this miniseries a go since I really enjoyed writing my first letter to July. If you try this yourselves be sure to let me know.

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x


  1. I absolutely love this idea, and your blog is soo amazing! Love it!! xx

  2. Thank you so so much that's really kind of you!! Likewise, your blog is awesome! xx