Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Goodbye March, Hello April

How is it April already? We’re already 3 months in and exam stress is heating up, yet tonnes of cool and exciting things have happened already this year. There are so many amazing events and things to look forward to so I wanted to share them with you.

So to start off with I am proud to say that I have kept my resolution so far of taking lots of more photos than last year so I have all these great memories to look back on and show other people. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it but I’m so glad I gave it a go. Another thing is that I started writing for a magazine in February which is a huge dream of mine. I’m so grateful for having this opportunity and it has taken me to places like The Star Awards and allowed me to publish my own short story! Can’t believe how lucky I am to have all this going on especially since I’m so young. Another thing I’m grateful for is the chance to start my very own blog and write about the things I love and that I’m passionate about. I know it’s only small at the moment and no one really reads it but that doesn’t matter because it allows me to write and writing makes me happy. It’s what I want to do as a career so it’s so much fun and I’m happiest when I can just write about anything and everything. So if you do read my blog then I want to tell you that I’m so grateful and it honestly means a lot to me.
Okay so moving on with the things I’m looking forward to in April and the upcoming months. Firstly, I’m buzzing for this summer especially since I’m getting a longer one as I’ll be finishing my exams. I will definitely be celebrating the day I have my last exam (13th June.) So I’m really looking forward to just relaxing and getting a good long break from all the stress and hard work. There’s another thing that has come about through working for a magazine. I don’t want to share it just yet as it may not happen however it’s happening very soon and it’s out of this world. I never thought I’d be doing things like this at my age to be honest. If it does happen it will be in the Easter holidays and the 3rd May so keep your eyes out as I will be writing about it if it does happen. Lastly, I have college to look forward to. I know it’s quite a while away and I will find it difficult but I’m just so excited to get out of high school and start the next chapter of my life.

This is all very thrilling and it just makes me so happy to know that I’m going somewhere and there’s some sort of direction to my life. Even if things don’t go to plan, I will find my way out and create something great out of it. I can’t wait to try even crazier experiences, achieving lots of personal goals and making wonderful friends who will support me along the way!

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what you are looking forward to in the upcoming months. Please spread my blog around with your friends and family; I will be extremely grateful. Talk to you all in my next post.

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x

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