Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Years Resolution - 2014

Before you think I’m crazy I am fully aware that it’s March now but I didn’t create this blog until after 2014 started but I still feel like sharing my new years resolution all the same. At first I thought it was quite weird but now I think it makes sense, well to me anyway.

I love hearing other people’s resolutions but I’ve never understood when people keep resolutions that they know for a fact that they just can’t keep as it’s so unrealistic. Plus, I don’t like the plain boring ones like “I want to stop eating chocolate” because that just won’t happen and it feels like people just say it every year for the sake of it. It’s just so unoriginal in my opinion.

So my new year’s resolution is to take more photos throughout the year. This came about because I remember looking back over 2013 and barely having any photos of the great memories I had. This really got to me because I know when I’m older I’m going to regret not taking any so I’ve decided to do this more. I really want to capture the good moments and be able to look back at them and see how much things have changed. I’m also going to take photos of the sad parts of my year because I feel like those are important to remember too simply because they happened and that was a big part of my life at the time. Nothing should be forgotten whether it’s good or bad.

I just really hope I can properly give this a go and stick to it. I’ve taken quite a lot so far so I will try hard to keep this up. Hopefully this has encouraged you to take more photos because you don’t want to end up like me who doesn’t take any and regrets it aha.

Thanks for reading, talk to you all very soon.

Hugs & kisses,

Nabeela x

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