Friday, 21 February 2014

Take A Walk With Me

One of my favourite things to do is put my headphones in and go for long walks. I used to do this pretty much every day last summer and I can’t even begin to describe how refreshing it feels. It’s so great after having a bad day just to step outside and feel the cool breeze against your face and exploring new places. Getting lost was a thing I did a few times and it was just so fun seeing new surroundings and new faces and just trying to find my way back. I know not everyone enjoys walking but it’s so good for you and it’s a feeling that will make you feel so alive. I haven’t been able to go for walks lately since the cold weather and all the work I have been receiving  from school but I’m so excited to get back out there this summer and experience it all again. I also used to go on really long walks at a place called Clent Hills with my brother and auntie and yes it was tiring but the peaceful atmosphere and friendly faces made it worthwhile. It was so nice looking out to the beautiful scenery and getting the chance to see what the countryside is like. We used to do around 10-12 miles however I would like to go there for just a casual stroll and really take in what’s around me.

There are lots of benefits that you get from walking so here are just a few that I thought of:
     1.  Being cooped up inside can be very unhealthy and can make you feel lazy so by going outside you get a breath of fresh air and your body will be able to breathe.
     2. You can lose weight just by going for a walk around your neighbourhood and it will help you to stay fit and healthy.
     3.  You get to really discover the small things that you didn’t notice before about your town and you will appreciate how beautiful nature really is.
     4.  It gives you time to take a step back from your busy hectic life and just think. It allows you to think about where you are right now and about your future which is extremely important as that can open up your mind and really see things clearer.
     5.    Lastly, you can just simply enjoy yourself. Get lost and find new places and go on your own little adventure!

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and I hope I have encouraged you to go out more and enjoy this amazing world around you. Life really is too short to be staying indoors and not going out to see what the world has to offer.

Hugs & kisses,

Nabeela x
Photo taken from one of my walks in the summer.

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