Thursday, 20 February 2014

Favourite Top 5 Songs Right Now

Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey:

I first heard this song from my brother who was playing it in his room and I instantly fell in love. I’m the kind of person who is fond of dark and sinister things so the meaning of this song really fascinated me. The line from the chorus “every time I close my eyes, it’s like a dark paradise” really speaks out for a lot of teenagers including me. When I heard this I understood it straight away and it’s quite sad as it’s such a tragic emotion to feel. It’s saying every time you go to sleep, it’s dark and can be quite scary yet it’s so tranquil. Like when you’re asleep you don’t feel anything and that for some people is a heavenly sensation. It’s like she’s saying she doesn’t want to commit suicide, but if she died, it wouldn't be the worst thing. Also there’s the line “I wish I was dead” and I found that to be so blatant and straight forward. I feel like it’s easier to just say it out loud because if that’s your opinion on life then what have you got to lose? Whilst those who keep it to themselves have a sense of hope that one day it could get better. It’s such a strong powerful thing to say yet it’s sung so casually. Like there really is no hope and that sadness will overwhelm and consume you until that’s it, you wish you were dead. My interpretation could be completely wrong but there was just something that I really admired about this song.

Something I Need – One Republic:

So my brother is more into the band One Republic and I only know a few of their songs however after I heard Ebony Day do a cover of this song I was obsessed. There’s just something about this song that puts me in such a happy mood and I just want to sing and dance along. I love songs like this because they’re great for playing really loud and cheering you up.

Hold You – Nina Nesbitt ft. Kodaline:

Hold You is by far my all time favourite song by Nina. Her voice just flows and I feel goosebumps every time I hear it. I have heard the reasons behind the song however I saw it in a different way. It’s the waiting that kills you and it’s painful but I feel like she regrets not spending time with a special person when she had the chance. It sounds like she’s angry at herself and just wants to hold that person just for a second; so she can feel whole again. Nina’s album recently came out and every single song has something so original and fresh. For the album she recorded Hold You as a collaboration with Kodaline and I have to say I like the new version slightly better. It certainly gives me chills and I can’t even explain the power and emotion that has come from both Nina and Kodaline.

I See Fire – Ed Sheeran:

I first heard this song in school and I was surprised at the feeling I got from it. It’s quite slow however towards the end it speeds up and you can feel the emotions that Ed is feeling. I’ve always loved Ed Sheeran and his talent of writing songs but this song was exceptional. His voice is one of a kind and I can’t stop listening to it.

Black Keys – Jonas Brothers:

I will admit I don’t listen to the Jonas Brothers but I was extremely bored one day and I saw on Spotify that they were recommended so I decided to check them out. I listened to their album and Black Keys was the one that stood out for me. It was just simply a pleasant song to listen to and like Something I Need by One Republic it puts me in a great mood.

I just wanted to share with you what songs I’m loving at the moment and I hope you have got a few ideas if you’re stuck on what to listen to or you just wanted to know what songs I like and why. Thanks for reading and I shall talk to you all very soon.

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x

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